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We make it easy and risk-free to source clothing from
your clients.

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Consignment made easy!

Circle-Hand makes administrating consignment items extremely easy and allows you to build a stronger relationship with your clients.

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Call it commission, consignment or concierge.

we built the solution for it!

Managing items has never been easier

Never lose track of your finances:

A dashboard to instantly understand your stores' revenue, margin and taxes.

  • No more excel, google-sheets or paper lists!
  • Circle-Hand calculates the consignment amount,
    tax and margin for you.
  • Have contracts, client information,
    payouts etc. stored in one place.
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No more manual lists!

Circle-Hand consignment software user interface

Never dig through long Lists anymore to find out what needs to be done. Let the Circle Hand tell you which clients need to be paid and which items need to be collected.

  • Have an instant overview of which items are overdue to leave to store or get reduced.
  • Send your clients automatic reminders to pick up their unsold clothing
  • Made for teamwork: A clear system means everyone in the team knows what to do next and where to find the infos.

Automated PDF creation.

Circle-Hand will instantly create delivery and payout receipts and send them to your clients.

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Sync your inventory with your online store

Circle hand can automatically transfer registered products to your webshop and synchronises sold items.

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No more phone-calls

An automatic message will inform the consigner about the money they just earned and their overall balance.

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from 29€ / mo
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  • Client, inventory, revenue & tax management
  • Automatic synchronisation with your Shopify Shop
    Safely store contracts and receipts
  • Ideal for power-sellers without a physical store
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from € 59/mo
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  • Client, inventory, revenue & tax management
    Automatic synchronisation with your Shopify Shop
  • Safely store contracts and receipts
    Automatic update emails for your clients
  • Automatic PDF creation for deliveries & payouts
    Personal customer
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from € 199/mo
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  • All features included
    from "Stores"
  • Multi-store inventory & client management
  • Connect to other market places  (Etsy, eBay, ..)
    Automatic item tagging with image recognition
    Customer CRM and
    store credit system
    Personal customer
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Circle-Hand saves me a ton of time, especially the synchronization with Shopify and the automated delivery and payout receipts are something I do not want to miss.
Circle Hand Customer Reference
Janine Fischer
Fridas Börse - St. Gallen
Fridas Börse second-hand Laden St. Gallen Logo
Second-hand store for Kids by Fridas Börse
Consignment now almost makes up a fourth of our revenue! Circle-Hand makes it extremely easy for everyone in the team to participate.
Dominik Ledwon from Ola Ware second-hand store Frankfurt
Dominik Ledvon
Ola Vintage - Frankfurt a.M
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Ola-ware Frankfurt second hand store
Consignment is a great addition to my store. With Circle-Hand it is super easy to administrate and I can build loyal clients.
Jyoti from Benjamins store Utrecht
Joyti van der merve
Benjamins - Utrecht
Benjamins second-hand store Utrecht Logo
Benjamins second hand store Utrecht

Why source from your clients?

  • Get access to clothing that is hard to find on whole-sale markets
  • Consignment means you only pay if it sells → Low risk and Better liquidity
  • Make yourself independent from rising prices and lowering quality on the whole-sale market while sourcing locally.
  • Turn consigners into clients by paying them out in vouchers for your store.
  • Build great relationships with your clients and let them become ambassadors of your store

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We created the Circle-Hand app to make it easier for everyone to find great second-hand stores.

This offering is free for users and stores.

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Circle-Hand FAQ

Can I set different consignment shares ?


Yes, you will define a general share when setting up the circle-hand tool that gets automatically applied. But you can also change that share case by case when inserting items.

How does the software know when the consignment period is over?


You can define if the consignment period should be a specific amount of days from where the batch started, ending on a date that you define case by case, or end at the next switch of the season. When those seasons change can be defined by you.

Can I change the price of an items when I am about to sell it?


Yes you can change the price of an item before the check-out

How do I access the software?


The software is browser based, so you can log-in from your laptop or phone from any browser. For uploading items we recommend using the phone.

How long does my subscription last and how do I cancel it?


Your subscription is on a monthly basis. You can cancel it at any time, and it will remain active until the end of the current billing month. You won't be charged for the subsequent months.

How do I get the barcodes?


You can use any common barcode format and either order a roll of pre-printed barcodes online or get a barcode printer for your store. We can help you with both. Just make sure to not use the same barcode number twice.

Can I use Circle-Hand with my current cashier system?


Circle Hand can run in parallel to any cashier system. And it can integrate directly with some cashier systems. Get in contact to find out if we have yours covered.

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Lennart Wittstock

Lennart Wittstock

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