The #1 Software for Your Consignment and Resale Business.

Increase sales, streamline buying and selling, and focus on what matters most: your passion for second hand and your customers

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Simplify consignment complexity with user-friendly consignment software

Are you struggling with cluttered inventory and manual tracking? Say goodbye to manual updates, Excel, tax nightmares and inconsistent communication that can strain customer relationships.

Our consignment software turns chaos into order, ensuring you never lose track of your items again. Streamline your inventory, customer, and tax management, and save time with automated updates for your clients.

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Circle Hand Software Consignment
Circle Hand Software Consignment Print Labels

Consignment software that is more than just inventory management

Circle-Hand helps you track inventory, automatically update your customers and consignors, get price suggestions and handle tax reporting. You can be up and running in minutes and it works on any device. Experience a simple process that saves you time and increases your revenue.

  • Circle Hand Feature Icon Inventory Management
    Easy inventory management
    Your item is ready for sale in under a minute.
  • Circle Hand Feature Icon Online Store Sync
    Connect your online store
    Keep your online and onsite inventory in sync.
  • Circle Hand Feature Icon  Consignment
    Consignment made simple
    Automatic updates and receipts for your clients.

Expand your reach, automatically

Circle-Hand offers more than just inventory management. We help you expand your reach and fully synchronize your online store with your inventory automatically, providing flexibility and complete control.

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The reselling community loves Circle-Hand! See for Yourself:

Circle-Hand saves me a ton of time, especially the synchronization with Shopify and the automated delivery and payout receipts are something I do not want to miss.
Circle Hand Customer Reference
Janine Fischer
Fridas Börse - St. Gallen
Fridas Börse second-hand Laden St. Gallen Logo
Second-hand store for Kids by Fridas Börse
Consignment now almost makes up a fourth of our revenue! Circle-Hand makes it extremely easy for everyone in the team to participate.
Dominik Ledwon from Ola Ware second-hand store Frankfurt
Dominik Ledvon
Ola Vintage - Frankfurt a.M
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Ola-ware Frankfurt second hand store
Consignment is a great addition to my store. With Circle-Hand it is super easy to administrate and I can build loyal clients.
Jyoti from Benjamins store Utrecht
Jyoti van der merve
Benjamins - Utrecht
Benjamins second-hand store Utrecht Logo
Benjamins second hand store Utrecht

Start with Circle-Hand in 3 simple steps

You can start using Circle-Hand in minutes. It is a web-based tool that can be used on any browser and any device. We transfer your existing data. Starting couldn't be easier.

Calendar Circle Hand Step 1

1. Book a free demo without commitment.

Import Data With Circle Hand

2. We can either import your data or start from scratch.

More Revenue with Circle Hand and Happy Customer

3. Increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

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Call it consignment, resale or concierge...

... we developed the solution for it!

Pricing for your consignment software — fair and transparent

The price depends on the size of your shop. No hidden costs. You can cancel whenever you want and we will never surprise you with fees or bills you don't expect. The price is excl. VAT.

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from 29€ / mo
Try For Free!
  • Client, inventory, revenue & tax management
  • Automatic synchronisation with your Shopify Shop
    Safely store contracts and receipts
  • Ideal for power-sellers without a physical store
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from € 59/mo
Try For Free!
  • Client, inventory, revenue & tax management
    Automatic synchronisation with your Shopify Shop
  • Safely store contracts and receipts
    Automatic update emails for your clients
  • Automatic PDF creation for deliveries & payouts
    Personal customer
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from € 199/mo
Try For Free!
  • All features included
    from "Stores"
  • Multi-store inventory & client management
  • Connect to other market places  (Etsy, eBay, ..)
    Automatic item tagging with image recognition
    Customer CRM and
    store credit system
    Personal customer

FAQ — Circle-Hand Software for Consignment

1. How do I get started with Circle-Hand?
Click 'Test for free' and schedule a demo with Lennart. We will show you everything, and then you can try it free of charge and with no obligation. If you like it, we will import your data, and you can get started right away.

2. I already use a consignment software / inventory management system. Can I import the data?
Yes, that's no problem. We can transfer data from all most common systems. The transfer only takes a few minutes. Just get in touch with us.

3. Can I import existing customer and product numbers into Circle-Hand?
Yes, you can continue to use your existing customer and product numbers. We generally recommend working with numbers instead of letters.

4. Wie kann ich mit Circle-Hand Labels drucken?
Unsere Software unterstützt das Drucken von Labels direkt aus dem System heraus, um deinen Workflow zu vereinfachen.

5. Can I print labels with Circle-Hand?
Our software supports printing labels directly from the system to simplify your workflow.

6. How do I generate barcodes for my items?
Circle-Hand will generate barcodes for you or you can use a roll of pre-printed barcodes. Whatever workflow you prefer, we will help you to set it up.

7. How does Circle-Hand track the expiration of commission periods?
You can set expiration dates and our software will notify you when an item reaches the end of its commission period.

8. Does the software support different commission models?
Yes, you can set up different commission models and even customize them per item to suit your business needs.

9. Do you offer revenue overviews and analytics with Circle-Hand?
Yes, our software provides detailed sales and tax reports to help you analyze and increase the success of your business.

10. Can I use Circle-Hand with my current Point-of-Sales (POS) System?
Yes, Circle-Hand can be integrated with many common POS systems. Contact us and we will help you set it up.

11. How do I access the Circle-Hand?
Circle-Hand is web-based and accessible from any device with internet access and a web browser.

12. Can multiple people access the Circle-Hand software at the same time?
Yes, several people can be logged in and work with Circle-Hand at the same time.

13. How do I cancel my Circle-Hand subscription?
The subscription runs on a monthly basis. You can cancel at any time. Just send an email to It will remain active until the end of the current billing month and will then automatically end.

14. What are the advantages of selling on consignment?
With consignment, you only pay when you actually sell, thus reducing your risk. This gives you more liquidity and allows you to offer rare and special items that are otherwise difficult to find.

15. How do I get started with local sourcing?
With Circle Hand, you can easily add locally sourced items to your inventory. This protects you from the fluctuations of the wholesale market and ensures quality at fair prices.

17. How can I get support?
You can always contact us by phone at +49 157 70416520 or by email at 

18. Can I test Circle-Hand?
Yes, you can test Circle-Hand free of charge and without obligation.

Have more questions?

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Lennart Wittstock

Lennart Wittstock

Founder of Circle-Hand