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"With Circle-Hand consignment couldn't be easier. [...]"

Jyoti from Benjamins store Utrecht
Jyoti van der Merve
Benjamins - Netherlands

"Automatic delivery receipts have become essential for me. [...]"

Circle Hand Customer Reference
Janine Fischer
Fridas Börse - Switzerland

Why Circle-Hand is the perfect consignment software for you:

Circle-Hand not only makes your business more efficient, it also creates a better shopping experience for your customers. Start now for free and experience the benefits.

Easy inventory management: Manage your inventory efficiently and keep track of everything in one place.

Online shop integration: Synchronize your inventory in real time with platforms like Shopify and expand your reach.

Automated receipt creation: Create and send delivery and payout receipts automatically and save valuable time in your day-to-day business.

Reliable customer communication: Use automated email updates to keep your customers and consignors up to date.

AI-supported product descriptions: Let Circle-Hand generate your SEO optimized item descriptions and simplify the upload process.

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Lennart Wittstock

Lennart Wittstock

Founder of Circle-Hand